• An AI platform that builds knowledge networks

    for industry sectors and global ecosystems. 

    We automate the world's innovation ecosystems

  • Horiz.in

    A platform to discover, catalogue and track innovations anywhere in the world.

    A live continuous horizon scanning system for any sector.

    Innovation discovery powered by humanized AI

    Automated process improved with your expert curation

    Horiz.in platform combines automated methods with oversight by your market knowledge to extract innovations from multiple public sources.

    Utilize networks and influencers to grow

    The community creates itself

    As a market leader you can provide the tools to networks or influencers within your market. You can have visibility of the entire innovation ecosystem in your sector and build knowledge products for your industry or for yourself.

    A marketplace for Innovations. Letting innovators innovate.

    Own the marketplace in a sector. 

    Horiz.in is designed to assist a whole ecosystem of participants but especially the innovators and their advances in products or services in their sectors. In simple terms we create a de-facto marketplace for innovation in any given sector. Talk to us if you are interested in building a Horiz.in for a particular sector.

  • Horizons already available

    We can all chip in for a perfectly healthy future

    Health Horizon uses the Horiz.in platform to make the world's upcoming health advances accessible and trackable. Health Horizon has a medtech, digital health and public health focus. As the health sector innovates, Health Horizon provides all participants from researchers, inventors, funders, clinicians, investors, institutes, clinics, hospitals and the public with a trusted evidence based knowledge service to help them to discover and follow advancing innovation and to ultimately help the sector drive improvements in healthcare globally.